Main Course


The choice is totally yours but here are some options.


—  Shrimp and rice pilaf—
Nana's unsalted butter, garlic cloves,shrimp,long-grain rice, fresh dill, chicken stock, black pepper

—  Crab Ravioli  —
red sweet pepper, onion, garlic, Nana's butter, crab-meat, lemon peel, lemon juice, capers, fennel seeds, black pepper, Nana's white wine, mushroom & cream

—  Lobster tail and Mac—
Nana's vegetable oil, lobster tails, Nana's butter, paprika, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, Nana's Worcestershire sauce, Nana's sharp white Cheddar cheese, Gruyere cheese, macaroni, cannabis leaves, thyme leaves, panko bread crumbs, Nana's Parmesan cheese


—  Fried Chicken & Mash —
Chicken, served with plan potato or fries

— Pork chops & Applesauce—
Pork chop, salt, black pepper, served with a side of applesauce or fries

—  Spaghetti & Meatballs—
Pasta, Nana's Meat Lovers sauce, Nana's meatballs