Nana's was formed in 2017 to help medical marijuana patients and recreational users enjoy the benefits found in cannabis like CBD. Nana's spices and oils help people diagnosed with cancer, aids or MS maintain a appetite with delicious and filling meals structured to each patients medical needs.

The health factors shown from CBD continues to add the healing touch in all Nana's meals. Over the years Nana has found different ways to infuse her spices and oils with just the right amount of CBD that will make anyone feel good both physically and emotionally.

For patients that don't have mobile ability Nana's does offer the convenience of personal dinning. For additional cost a personal chef will come to an individuals house and cook 1 to 3 meals depending on the individuals wants and needs. 

Nana's will also be offering pre-prepped meals on wheels service. Where the food and ingredients are delivered to the individuals residence. 

Nana's also offers weekly recipes that she shares online. Each recipe will use one or a combination of Nana's spices or oils found online.   

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    Everyone loves Nana's THC/CBD infused popcorn. Now you have the pleasure to enjoy it anywhere at anytime. Order a box today!



    Coming soon...

    • Nana's Oil
    • Nana's Butter
    • Nana's Barbecue Sauce
    • Nana's Pasta Sauce
    • Nana's Salad Dressing
    • Nana's Marinara Sauce


    Book Nana as your chef!

    Nana loves infusing food whether it be for a wedding, birthday, holiday party or special event.

    Give your guest the food experience every cannabis lover should have. A gourmet meal cooked by Nana is a unforgettable experiences that everyone will love. 

    The appetizers, mean course and the dessert are all up to you. With your choose of cannabis infused oil, spices and butter.