Nana's was formed in 2017 to help medical marijuana patients and recreational users enjoy the benefits found in cannabis like CBD. Nana's spices and oils help people diagnosed with cancer, aids or MS maintain a appetite with delicious and filling meals structured to each patients medical needs.

The health factors shown from CBD continues to add the healing touch in all Nana's meals. Over the years Nana has found different ways to infuse her spices and oils with just the right amount of CBD that will make anyone feel good both physically and emotionally.

For patients that don't have mobile ability Nana's does offer the convenience of personal dinning. For additional cost a personal chef will come to an individuals house and cook 1 to 3 meals depending on the individuals wants and needs. 

Nana's will also be offering pre-prepped meals on wheels service. Where the food and ingredients are delivered to the individuals residence. 

Nana's also offers weekly recipes that she shares online. Each recipe will use one or a combination of Nana's spices or oils found online. 


Let Nana’s cater an intimate event for you and your friends. Our specially trained chef will come to your home and cook a special meal for a small gathering of those you hold near and dear. You choose the menu, we do the rest!

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Where do we go from here?

Nana and her family have big plans for their brand and the success of their company. Whats our goal? To become the number one cannabis friendly household product for both medical and recreational users. 

Everyone needs to eat. Nana has perfected the art of infusing everyday food with her special oils, herbs and spices and she's ready to show the world how. With a growing line of products such as Nana's marinara sauce, Nana's Barbecue Sauce or Nana's Olive Oil. Nana fans around the world will have what they need to cook Nana's special recipes.  

Nana lovers will always be given the opportunity to subscribes to our Nana's newsletter where they will have access to discounts, recipes and special events hosted by Nana all around the world. 

By 2022 Nana wants to open a diner where she host her own cooking show; so her fans can watch, learn, laugh and feel the love of Nana in the comfort of their home.

The women everyone loves...

The women everyone loves...